The innovative supplier of plastic horticultural products.

Van Krimpen has been the innovative supplier of plastic horticultural products for more than 30 years. Our wide range includes: cultivation pots, containers, Phalaenopsis products, ornamental pots, flower boxes and hanging pots, bowls and saucers, trays, boxes, ground cloth and wrapping foil.

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Export to its 85 countries

Our trade now extends beyond the Netherlands, but we are still growing every day.

Custom pots possible

We are happy to meet customer-specific wishes and requirements, so feel free to call or email us for custom-made pots.

Sustainably responsible

From production to recycling, we take care of the entire process for our customers.

High quality and optimal service.

Personal contact, optimal service, great flexibility and a huge stock are seen by most customers as our most important characteristics. In addition, our innovative character and our excellent price/quality ratio have not gone unnoticed.

Our enthusiastic team of skilled and experienced employees closely monitors the market and ensures that the quality and functionality of our products and solutions meet the highest requirements on a daily basis.

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View our recent news.

View our recent news.

Our innovations and developments.

Listening to the market, we introduce new or further developed products for horticulture every year. These innovations optimize your cultivation process, increase your distinctiveness or ensure a more sustainable world.

Do you have special wishes or an idea for a new product to be developed? Then contact one of our representatives at an early stage, so that we can develop and realize the best solution together with you.

Recycling is part of our production cycle.

We attach great importance to people, animals and the environment. That is why we have been collecting industrial plastic from our customers and other partners for many years, after which we shred and recycle it ourselves. This is how we keep this precious raw material in our own production cycle.

In addition to industrial plastic, we also use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. This collected plastic from households is processed by us and used as raw material for a product line of pots and trays. Watch the video to see how we complete the plastic circle.

⸻ Growth through innovation

We deliver our products worldwide.

As an innovative supplier of plastic horticultural products, we supply our products and solutions throughout Europe and in various countries in North America, Central America, South America and Asia. Please contact our export manager if you are interested in the possibilities for deliveries abroad.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of plastic horticultural products who would like to help you optimize your cultivation process? Please feel free to contact us and experience it for yourself.

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Our employees

These are our employees, a specialized team of experts who are happy to help you with all your questions about horticulture and the supply of your products.