Van Krimpen is building on an innovative character.

As the supplier of plastic horticultural products, we distinguish ourselves through our innovative and flexible character. We have a huge stock, our own transport and we offer a high level of service. The horticultural sector also benefits greatly from our unique product solutions developed in-house. In addition, we have been collecting and recycling plastic for years. As a result, this valuable raw material remains in our own production cycle and we thus contribute to a more sustainable world.

Large stock and fast delivery.

From our modern warehouse and with our own trucks, we deliver many items from stock and we ourselves ensure that they end up in the right place. Do you want to exclude everything and even more certainty that your process flows smoothly? Send us a delivery schedule in advance, so that we are guaranteed to have the right amount of products in stock for you.

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Our innovations and developments.

Because our enthusiastic team continuously listens to the wishes of the market, we develop and introduce new product solutions for the horticultural sector every year. These unique products optimize your growing process, increase your distinctiveness or ensure a more sustainable world. As a result, our range of cultivation pots, containers, Phalaenopsis products, ornamental pots, flower boxes and hanging pots, bowls and saucers, trays, boxes, ground cloth and wrapping foil is extremely extensive. Do you still need a product variant that does not yet exist? Please contact one of our representatives so that we can develop and realize the best solution together with you.

Customer-specific products (customer owned).

When we have developed a unique product together with you, it is possible that you only want to use this solution for yourself, or that we also let it appear on the market freely. If you choose to bear the costs of development and production of the mold yourself, you also determine its use.

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Recycling our products.

Because we realized years ago that the single use of plastics does not contribute to a sustainable world, we already started collecting plastic for recycling.

By collecting plastic from our customers and other partners and supplying it to our producers, we keep this precious raw material in our own production cycle. Superfluous, used or other industrially rejected plastic products are collected by us and processed into chips. These are, for example, used pots, trays, orchid collars, plastic sticks and clips, but also remnants of pot covers. We know what these products are made of and therefore an additional separation of different plastics is not necessary. This collection is an efficient start to the recycling of plastic.

In addition to industrial plastic, we also use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. This collected plastic from households is processed by us and used as raw material for a special product line of pots and trays. Watch the video to see how we complete the plastic circle, or call in our representatives to take your plastic waste into the recycling process.

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