New and improved: the R-tray developed in collaboration with VILOSA!

Meerm.tray 18 compartments 8cm DT-Grey 105510.824 Van Krimpen

We are excited to share the outcome of our recent collaboration with VILOSA! The introduction of our new R-tray is a wonderful example of innovation and craftsmanship.

We recently worked intensively with VILOSA on the development of this new R-tray. In line with VILOSA's commitment to sustainability and excellence, we have looked for ways to reduce their environmental footprint and reduce waste. In addition, the airy design promotes better growing quality and healthier potted plants.

R-Tray completes the circle
The use of pots and trays made from recycled material is an important step in sustainability. This applies to both consumers and nurseries. The step is even greater if these trays are used multiple times. Our R-trays are easy to mechanise, making processing and transport smooth. That is why we developed and produced the R-tray line. This product line consists of reusable transport trays made of 100% recycled PP.

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