Aquaflux irrigation mat

Aquaflux irrigation mat

The Aquaflux irrigation mat prevents your plants from burning, drying out quickly in the event of drought or mold from excessive water use. An irrigation mat is extremely suitable for cultivation tables, pot plant cultivation, plant cuttings and seed trays. The irrigation mat absorbs a large amount of water, distributes the water evenly over the mat and gradually releases the water to the plants. Ideal for plants in greenhouses and tunnel greenhouses.

Aquaflux irrigation mat is available in the following sizes and qualities:

  • Aquaflux Standard 1.30m wide
  • Aquaflux Standard 2.60m wide
  • Aquaflux Standard 5.20m wide
  • Aquaflux HC (High Capacity) 1.30m wide
  • Aquaflux HC (High Capacity) 2.60m wide
  • Aquaflux HC (High Capacity) 5.20m wide


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