QR coding with UV ink

QR coding with UV ink

Each 12cm orchid pot has its own unique 2D QR code.

To make your plants individually traceable, we can provide the 12cm orchid pot with WB bottom (water buffer) with a 2D QR code for you. Each individual pot gets its own unique 2D QR code, which is printed at 15 positions around the pot. In order not to bother your retail partners with this coding, we use invisible UV ink for this. During the automated cultivation process you can make this visible with a blue UV lamp (see photo) and continue to monitor all plants individually. Before the pots with a 2D QR code leave the production facility, they are individually checked for legibility, so that you are guaranteed to receive a unique and legible code on each individual jar. The price and delivery time of the pots with QR code partly depend on the quantity purchased. Do you also see the added value of traceability with 2D QR coding? Our representatives can tell you more about it.

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