R-Tray completes the circle

The use of pots and trays made from recycled material is an important step towards sustainability. This applies to both consumers and plant nurseries. The step is even greater if these pots and trays can be used several times. That is why we developed and produced the R-Tray. This product line consists of reusable transport trays made of 100% recycled plastic from our own chain.

100% recyclable

We produce our growing R-Tray family from 100% recycled PP (polypropylene). This is a material that is also 100% recyclable and can therefore be used again to produce new pots and trays. All pots and trays produced by us are made of PP. This also makes the collection of used pots and trays more manageable. By supplying recyclable products and collecting used plastic products, we help our customers to limit the waste stream.

Customer specific designs

As an innovative supplier of plastic horticultural products, we are constantly working on new developments. Many of these product developments come about because our representatives listen carefully to the wishes of our customers. This creates all kinds of customer-specific designs for trays and pots. So, as a plant grower, do you also have certain wishes to make the cultivation process better, faster or more efficient? Challenge us.

R-Tray with carrying handle

For example, we have produced R-Trays for various plant growers that are suitable for a carrying handle. Growers who supply garden centers and hardware stores can thus supply a complete 4-pack or 6-pack, in which the tray, the pots and the carrying handle are produced from recycled PP and can therefore all be recycled again.

Recycling Guide

For a successful recycling chain, we set a number of conditions for the delivery of used material. The quick guide is on our website too to download. We describe herein, for example, that the plastic products must be offered separately on a pallet or in the pallet box made available by us. But also that different materials, such as polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) cannot be recycled together. By taking this into account, we complete the circle together.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of our R-Tray product line? Please feel free to contact one of our representatives. They can tell you all about it and are happy to think along with you about your specific wishes.

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