The waste stream for the reuse of plastic.

Trading company Van Krimpen attaches great value to people, animals and the environment. We already realized years ago that the one-off use of plastics does not contribute to this. Since then, we have been actively doing something about it: collecting plastic for our own recycling.

Van Krimpen is a supplier of plastic supplies for professional horticulture. Our customers expect our products to be of high quality. However, these products do not necessarily have to be produced from new material.

Plastic recycling.

By collecting plastic from our customers and other partners and supplying it to our suppliers, we keep this precious raw material in our own production cycle. Superfluous, used or other industrially rejected plastic products are collected by us and processed into chips. These are, for example, used pots, trays, orchid collars, plastic sticks and clips, but also remnants of pot covers. We know what these products are made of, so this collection is an efficient start to plastic recycling.

Household plastic waste (PCR).

We mainly use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for our production. This high-quality plastic collected from households is processed by us and used as raw material for a product line of pots and trays. Watch the video to see how we complete the plastic circle.

New life.

Products that are used for the food industry, toys or the medical world are usually subject to such high requirements that many recycled materials do not qualify. Fortunately, this is different as raw material for pots and trays. This waste stream is given a new life with our products. This can even be done several times in a row. It is important that different types of plastic are collected separately. Not everything can be used interchangeably.

Local raw materials.

The plastics are collected and processed locally. We therefore need to obtain far fewer raw materials from distant countries. The transport of our raw materials therefore remains limited and this also fits in well with limiting CO2 emissions. By using and continuing to (re)use recycled material, the cost price also remains limited, which is an important factor for our customers.

Do you have (large) batches of plastic remnants and do you want to make a positive contribution to limiting the waste stream? Contact us or download our recycling regulations.

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