Six-pack of plastic household waste for sustainability

Together with nursery Themaplant from Grashoek in North Limburg, pot supplier Van Krimpen has developed a special reusable six-pack. The six-pack, which is intended for square P9 pots, is produced from Post Consumer Recycled plastic, or plastic household waste.

Themaplant is a tree nursery that specializes in ground-covering shrubs in P9 pots, such as Cotoneaster, Euonymus, Hedera, Pachysandra, Vinca and Waldsteinia. Their main customers are garden centers and DIY stores in Europe. As an MPS GAP-certified nursery, they are constantly looking for sustainability. For example, they grow in cold greenhouses and without lighting, so that CO2 emissions are limited, and they can reuse water through closed systems.

Sustainable solution

Previously, Themaplant used Van Krimpen 's six-packs of sturdy and reusable PET, PP pots and PS carrying handles. After planting the shrubs, the consumer disposes of these plastic parts with the plastic household waste. However, waste processors have great difficulty separating these different plastics from each other, so there is a risk that they end up in waste incineration. This was a reason for Themaplant to change this. Van Krimpen tackled this question with both hands and came up with a responsible and cost-effective solution.

Six Pack PCR – Van Krimpen

Designed for Recycling
Based on their Designed for Recycling principle Van Krimpen has come up with a completely circular solution. The new concept for Themaplant now consists of a P9 pot that Van Krimpen developed earlier, a new six-pack tray and a carrying handle. All these products are made of PP from 100% PCR plastic household waste, making them easy to recycle.


The trays – which can be used several times – and the pots are Cyclos certified by the cyclos-HTP Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility. This demonstrates that these are easily detectable by the waste workers and therefore do not end up in the waste incineration. Due to the new design, the tray is lighter in weight than the previous PET tray and also more user-friendly. Injection molding of PP does not create sharp edges around the tray.

As a grower, are you also on your way to sustainability? Van Krimpen produces countless pots, trays and other plastic horticultural products from PCR plastic. Please contact your sales representative for the best solution.

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