Van Krimpen ; seller of Desch

Since September 2015, Van Krimpen BV also acts as the seller of Desch Plantpak BV and thereby further expands its range.
The reason for this is that Van Krimpen had been looking for a deep-drawn pot and pallet program for some time as an extension to the existing program.
The Desch Plantpak range includes a wide range of products such as Thermopots 5° and 8°, transport, cultivation and shipping pallets, bedding trays, stretcher packs and pot trays.

In addition, the thermoform biobased pots and the tray series, known as D-Grade, are also included in the delivery program.
These pots and pallets are 100% natural and contribute to a healthy environment. Something that in turn fits seamlessly with the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) philosophy of Van Krimpen BV
Since Van Krimpen has been E-pla's seller of decorative pots for years and E-pla has been part of the Desch Summit Group since 2010, the contact has been going on for years, but neither party has seen any need to get involved so far. entered into closer cooperation.

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