100% detectable products from PCR recycle material.

For years we have been working on making our plastic products more sustainable.

We take back plastic products, recycle them and use them as raw materials for new products. But did you also know that we also supply polypropylene (PP) pots that consist of 100% post-consumer (PCR) waste with the same quality as products made from virgin plastic?

We achieve this through specialized sorting of the collected plastic, thorough cleaning and processing. Watch the video about how we complete the plastic circle.

Large assortment

Tray of PCR plastic – Van Krimpen
A large part of our range of pots and trays is available in PCR plastic, such as various round and square pots, tree containers, rose containers and soft fruit pots. The PCR plastic pots and trays are available in various colours. In addition, other products, such as sticks and clips, are also available made of PCR plastic. This makes your end product even more circular.

Detectable from waste stream

To create a fully circular raw material flow, the plastic from the waste must be detectable so that it can then be recycled again. However, with some colors this is a huge challenge. Yet we have already achieved this with 20 different colors. As a result, the possibilities in 100% recycled and detectable pots and trays are already enormous.

Cyclos Certified

We had these different colors of PCR plastic tested at the cyclos-HTP Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility. This institute aims to classify, assess and test the recyclability of packaging and products, and to conduct research and development in this area. This makes them the certification body in the field of recycling.

Various colors detectable

We are proud to announce that we have currently received an official cyclos-HTP certificate for 12 colours, and that several other colors have already been determined to be fully detectable.

Would you like to know more about the necessity and possibilities of detectable post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic? Please contact your representative for prices, delivery times and other information.

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